Healthy Breakfast Bowl

5 Jaw-Dropping Food Calorie Comparisons That Will Leave You Stunned

Let’s face it – our food calories are responsible for our health to a great extent. Good nutrition is the most important part of leading a healthy lifestyle and so are calories. Speaking about calories, these are basically a measure of energy used to define the energy content in the food. They play a vital role in weight control because consuming more calories than your body needs can result in weight gain. Although you can’t count calories always because it is a time-consuming effort yet by doing a little research, you will be surprised to see how you can enjoy some foods without caring about calorie intake. Here are the 5 calories comparisons that will surely leave you open-mouthed.

1. Healthy Breakfast Bowl

If you think all healthier choices have fewer calories, you are MISTAKEN! For instance Cocoa Puffs. Many people think that Cocoa puffs have fewer calories, but when you prepare it with fibre-filled oats, it will give you more nutrients.

2. Snacks For Afternoon

Cucumber & Garlic Hummus and Apple & Almond butter, flax, both of these are popular afternoon snacks, but provide different types of nutrients to the body. If you are looking to gain weight, then Apple & Almond butter, flax is the right option and if you are looking to lose weight, then you should go with Cucumber & Garlic Hummus.

3. Grab n Go Snack

When it comes to grab n go snacks, there are many options available. If you are seeking a healthy snack, then you can go with pretzels and rice cakes. Both of these contain the same carbs and calories. You can eat rice cakes in a higher quantity than pretzels. These contain iron that helps in producing red blood cells. Even the size of rice cakes is bigger than that of pretzels.

4. Dine in Dinner

A bowl of noodle and a bowl of vegetables, both seem yummy. Extra noodles can be difficult to pass up, but vegetables have fewer calories and provide amazing health benefits in the long run.

5. Potato Fries vs. white potato fries

There is a popular myth that sweet potato fries are healthier compared to white potato fries. But the fact is sweet potato fries contain more calories than white potato fries. When you bake both of these, they will offer their own nutritional value. Where you can get Vitamin A from sweet potatoes, white potatoes will provide you essential minerals.

Meeting your calories need with a well-balanced and nutritious diet can keep your body healthy. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain fruits and vegetables is considered a healthy diet. It also recommends you should skip sugar-sweetened drinks that add calories to your diet. If you follow the right diet, you will keep yourself healthy in the long run.