5 Foods to You Absolutely Must Try When in Buffalo, NY

Naturally, Buffalo, New York is most known for it’s deliciously messy and spicy classic Buffalo wings, but did you know that there is more scrumptious local food this destination is famous for? Check out some other must-try dishes when visiting this city.

1. Buffalo Wings

No question, if you’re in Buffalo, NY, you’ve got to try classic Buffalo wings. As legend has it, Teressa Bellissimo is credited as the original creator of this popular spicy dish, having concocted the dish from Buffalo’s Anchor Bar in 1964. If you are a true fan of this American classic and happen to be in Buffalo to host your own destination wedding there, you can even serve it as an appetizer and include it as a funny photo prop in your Buffalo photo booth at your event.

2. Beef On Weck

This roast beef sandwich is a local favorite. It’s served on a salted roll with caraway seeds and is often served with a pickle.

3. Spaghetti Parm

Satisfy your inner Italian with a steaming bowl of this Buffalo original. A heaping serving of spaghetti pasta smothered in baked mozzarella cheese. It’s like baked ziti, except with long noodles.

4. Chicken Finger Sub Sandwich

It’s the kind of comfort food any American can appreciate. Take classic fried chicken fingers, toss them in hot sauce, stuff them in a sub and cover with bleu cheese – and you have yourself a chicken finger sub.

5. Sponge Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, this might be for you. Local confectioners turn caramelized sugar into an airy, crispy treat that’s covered in chocolate. Of course, you can also order this online if you’re not up for the trip.