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Europe vs. America: Which Everyday Meals Are Healthiest

Just like other countries, the eating habits of people in Europe and America are different in some or other way. Different culture, different lifestyle, and different food. When it comes to comparison, there are several things America is doing better than Europe.

Perhaps, there are several distinctions between the food of Europe and America. In this article, we will discuss which everyday meal is better – Europe? Or America?

When talking about healthy foods, there is no surprise that European meals are much healthier than American meals. There are several factors which show that European food is better in quality and delivers all required nutrients to help people stay healthy and fit. One major factor is – local and fresh produce. So, let’s get into the deep analysis of the best and healthiest meals in detail.

Europe’s Everyday Meal

Europe is much more than just having an ancient history, kings & queens, churches, and castles. It is home to several amazing and delicious foods around the world. Food standards are higher in European countries and European tradition is more attuned to food pleasure. As food standard is high, it means European food is pure and plays a major part in boosting overall well-being.

Most of the European people prefer to have healthy foods such as eggs, beans, home fried potatoes, home fried tomatoes, goulash, herring, and so on. The best part is: they eat more plants and a variety of foods which include less fat, sugar, and salt in portion sizes. Also, in Europe, snacking is not considered as a good habit. No matter, what Europeans select to have in their breakfast, lunch, or supper, one thing is clear: they do not encourage snacking at all.

America’s Everyday Meal

What you consume makes a big difference in your overall health. America is known for its junk, fast and processed food. They find it filling, convenient and inexpensive. McDonald’s is one of the popular fast food chains in the U.S. The perfect American meal includes – fries, hamburger and a shake or a coke.

So, it has been clearly observed that most of the Americans are addicted to fried and processed food including burger, pizza, hot dogs, and more. Because of their fast-paced life, they tend to follow an unhealthy diet routine. There are several studies which claim that Americans have the lowest life expectancy than people in other countries. According to a report by the British Newspaper The Guardian,, Americans are remarkably unhealthy eaters as they consume too much sugar, cheese, red meat, and starch, which is taking them towards the end.  

From the above comparison, you can see that there is a HUGE difference between the everyday meals of the U.S and Europe. Europeans care more about the quality and freshness of the food they consume and prefer to buy seasonal food from their local markets. However, Americans are more about choosing food that satisfies their appetite and is instantly available.

The choices of food in America and Europe depends on the choices, lifestyle and the mindset of people living there. In short, regardless of what types of food you consume, it is important to take care of your health first. After all, Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.