Indian wedding food

Must-Have Dishes at an Indian Destination Wedding

A big fat Indian destination wedding is incomplete without guests, dazzling outfits, lights, music, dance, and most importantly, loads of scrumptious and mouthwatering food. The quality of food you serve to your guests at your Indian wedding can make or break the celebration of your big day. From starters to the main course to desserts, the list is wide and each and every dish you add to your menu is a statement of lavish warmth and hospitality extended by the soon-to-be-married couple to their guests.

Here is a list of exotic foods and cuisines you must-have at your destination wedding.

Zafrani Pulao

Rice is a must in any Indian wedding for the main course. This is the first item most of your guests are going to take on their platters. What about Zafrani Pulao? This dish is all about its royal savor and eye-catching aroma. Prepared with rice, saffron, milk, dry fruits, and selected Indian spices, this is the highlight of your wedding menu.  

Dal Makhani

A famous dish from Punjab with a western twist, this buttery and creamy dish is a must-have at an Indian destination wedding. Made with red kidney beans, lentils, butter and cream, Dal Makhani is in everyone’s list when it comes to favorite dishes. Practically, every Indian wedding or party cannot be complete without Dal Makhani. The flavorful taste and richness of this recipe make it a hit in all Indian celebrations. The dish is best teamed with Missi roti, naan, and jeera rice.

Shahi Paneer

This delectable recipe is a perfect fit for your vegetarian guests. Cooked using milk, yogurt, paneer, and a melange of spices in a delightful onion-tomato curry, Shahi Paneer gives a royal feel to your guests. Aromatic, creamy and rich in taste, your vegetarian guests are definitely going to love this luxurious dish. It can be served with butter naan, jeera rice, and roomali roti.

Paneer Tikka

This colorful and flavorful Punjabi recipe is popular among all age groups. This is a delicious vegetarian dish prepared with paneer, gram flour, dried fenugreek leaves, ginger paste, garlic paste, carom seeds, etc. The dish can be accompanied with your choice of beverages.

Butter Chicken

Let’s talk about this non-vegetarian recipe now. Butter chicken is one of the most famous Indian chicken recipes and is a must at an Indian wedding. With toothsome tomato gravy and butter floating on the top, this non-veg dish goes really well with pulao, roti, and tandoori chapati. Add a burst of Indian flavors to your wedding menu by adding this dish.

Dal Bukhara

Made with Urad lentils, Dal Bukhara is an absolute must in an Indian wedding. This dish is thick in its consistency as it is prepared with lots of cream and butter. The appeal and texture of the recipe can compel your guests to have more. This recipe is loved by all irrespective of age and preferences.

Chocolate Fondue

Let’s move to some famous desserts. There cannot be any celebration without a little chocolate. Chocolate fondue is the best dessert your guests are going to enjoy on your wedding day. Serve this dish to your loved ones and impress them with your finest hospitality. This can be a show stopper.  

Gulab Jamun

This is a quintessential Indian sweet prepared during special events like weddings. The basic ingredients required to make this dish are flour, milk, sugar, and khoya. Gulab Jamun can be made easily and pairs well with a number of dishes such as kachori, samosa, and ice-creams.


This is a famed Indian dessert prepared with flour and sugar syrup. Served during Indian weddings, Jalebi is a favorite dessert among kids as well as adults. The spiral appeal and crispy sugary taste make the best combination when served with chilled rabri (a sweet, condensed-milk-based recipe).

Show the rich culture and heritage of the country through your menu when it comes to a destination Indian wedding. If you want your loved ones to remember your big day forever, the key is delectable wedding menu. And these dishes play a major part in enticing your guests’ taste buds. Add these finger-licking recipes to your menu and let your guests take the best memories along with them from your wedding day.