My Story

Starfruit Wars – Battle of the Best Foods

Hey there! I am Christina

This blog is for everyone who loves food.

I love to cook food! I was born and raised in the magic city, Birmingham. I discovered my true love for cooking only after I got married. To be honest, I spent most of my early adult life eating frozen or microwaved food. It was my husband who inspired me to cook. After joining him in the kitchen every day, I realized that cooking can be so much. I’ve been cooking fun different cuisines from all over the world for 10 years and now I can confidently say that my favourite activity is cooking, I am passionate about food and I love everything about it.

When I am not cooking, I am either working or reading. I work as a freelance writer and I’ve written on everything related to fashion, business, health and wellness, and much more. For fun, I love to swim, dance, and travel. No matter what place I visit, the food is the central part of my trip. I’ve visited around 20 countries and tried exotic foods, this has inspired me to discover new ideas and create my own recipes.

Starfruit Wars is a creative place for me to truly express my love for food and cooking. Join me on my journey to discover and celebrate good food that delights the senses.