Exotic Dishes

Top 5 Exotic Dishes Around the World

Exotic Dishes…this term in itself is enough to make us drool!

The world is full of some aromatic, taste-bud-tingling, and delectable foods, which also give a cultural identification of various places. Food is something that binds people from different regions together. As you may know, every region has its own delicacies, and tasting exotic food of a specific region gives you an opportunity to get familiar with its tradition and culture.

Now, after drooling, let’s talk about ‘Exotic Foods’ all across the world which can tickle your taste buds. But firstly, let’s discuss what are exotic dishes.

What Does Exotic Food Mean?

Exotic food means something unusual and extraordinary. Exotic dishes are super rare or non-native to your country. Also, these dishes are not used in day to day foods. Here  is a list of top 5 exotic foods around the globe:

1. Haggis: Scotland

Haggis is the national food of Scotland. Described as a savory pudding, this dish is prepared exclusively with a sheep’s inner organs like heart, lungs, liver, and stomach. All these organs are boiled together for a couple of hours to cook properly and bring that flavorful taste. The traditional Scottish flavor and unique composition of this dish make it one of the most exotic foods. Haggis makes the best combination when served with neeps (mashed turnips), tatties (mashed potatoes), and alcohol.

2. Balut: Philippines

Balut is probably the most exotic dish you will find on this planet. This is the most controversial, debated, and discussed food ever. The eggs we normally eat are unfertilized, that’s why most vegetarian find them a better option to consume without any guilt. However, Balut is not an ordinary egg. This food includes a fully fertilized egg of a duck or a chicken, where the embryo of the egg is still developing or almost developed. The egg is boiled for some time and eaten right out of the shell. This food is quite famous on the streets of the Philippines. It tastes like chicken and can be accompanied by beer.

3. Pidan: China

Pidan is a Chinese preserved dish. This dish includes any type of egg (chicken or duck egg), preserved with various types of liquids and chemicals to give it a distinctive color and flavor. The eggs used to make this dish are prepared by preserving them in a mixture of ash, chemicals, clay, and quicklime. They are preserved in this mixture for a few weeks to months depending on varying location. This preservation process turns these eggs white into brown and black and the yolk into greenish black. Chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia used in the mixture cause the dish to have a strong salty flavor and pungent smell.

4. Fugu Fish: Japan

Fugu is a pufferfish and known as the most poisonous creatures consumed across the globe. This dish is the most exotic delicacy of Japan. Fugu fish has a toxin known as tetrodotoxin in its eyes, ovaries, and liver, which can paralyze the muscles of a victim. This dish is served by experienced chefs who are familiar with the ideal preparation of this fish.

If not prepared properly with care, this culinary Russian roulette can cause chronic injuries or might be your last meal. The dish may be served as a stew, soup, or sashimi.

5. Alligator: USA

Alligator meat is one of the most controversial dishes across the globe as crocodiles and alligators are dying at an alarming rate. It has been a matter of debate for years whether eating alligators should be illegal or not. In spite of controversies, alligator meat cannot be denied as the most exotic dish ever. This dish is famous in the USA, especially in its Southern areas where alligator hunting is legal.

This is a small but interesting list of exotic dishes around the world. If you are adventurous with food, try out these striking and delectable dishes to take a snapshot from other traditions.